Raising Public Awareness

The overarching aim of the ESE Foundation is to improve public and political awareness of the importance of hormone and metabolic health throughout life

Endocrine conditions like diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, infertility and sexual dysfunction, cancer and osteoporosis affect large groups of our population, but also rare endocrine disorders have a high individual and societal impact.

European Hormone Day (15 May 2023)

    European Hormone Day is back for 2023! More needs to be done to raise awareness of the vital role of hormones in preventing and treating health and disease. Better understanding can help ensure hormones are integrated in national and European health policies, improve diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disease, attract research funding, and improve outcomes for endocrine patients.

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 World Acromegaly Day (1 November 2020)

Cushing's Awareness Day (8 April 2021)

ESE EU Green Week (31 May - 4 June 2021)

 World Neuroendocrine Cancer Day (10 November 2020)

 World Obesity Day (4 March 2021)